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Use Another company’s subdomain as custom domain

hello folk ,let you know about the some very interesting thing to Use Another company’s subdomain as custom domain

,related how you can use Another company’s subdomain as custom domain,

definitely thinkable matter is to use free subdomain as a custom on Google blogger ?.

surely it is ,require to apply some major changes in that subdomain account ,

before you apply it on Google blogger to work .keep this changes in your mind to do at the time of submission ,

Using a subdomain of another company on Google blogger,subdomain,domain,

Using subdomain of another company on Google blogger ,

Now must know that Google blogger has owned subdomain . is ,

But BLOGSPOT.COM always work as subdomain on Google blogger .if really intend to have a free blogspot website ,

it is good .but some of the things we often dislike ,when matter comes to make money instantly ,

making instant money through free subdomain blogspot website depends on the location and how much we write content on that keep matter ?.

yes definitely it is, on the other hand.we apply a powerful custom domain to get adsense approval early .

in fact, I got first Adsense approval, after when took a custom domain and wrote approximately fifteen of the post,

tried to retain free subdomain .but no longer remained that, because was in haste to get Adsense approval somehow .

that’s all ,

come on matter is to make you clear that .you have ever used the subdomains of other company like-

go daddy ,


yahoo small business.

dns park

you may use as a custom domain on Google blogger. but make sure to make some changes such as –

make a valid fall-back subdomain .

formulated an idea that subdomain is acceptable if that sub-domain is valid fallback sub-domain .

then we can make sub-domain – domain only .with a longer validity,

What is Valid fallback sub-domain ? company’s subdomain as custom domain

Valid subdomain is just a type of subdomain .which is no longer different than subdomain often .

we might aware from c-name is very close with domain . which specify a missing file host .

subdomain to domain ,domain ,subdomain .

to make a valid fallback sub domain .requirement of cname is ,we need to create a cname record first for your custom domain .

How to create a C-name record for your domain

remember these process will apply .if your domain associate with a company other than blogger.

as we know that .cname a canonical name which is an entry within the domain name system ,

that specify where someone may find your web pages, here have to use the

visit for more information about c- name

friends i do not have sub-domain of those above mentioned company ,

so that i could show you live proof , but the information ,

you get is really helpful ,thank you

apart from above information if you find any difficulty feel free to comment ,

thanks for visit my site .

friends you all are always welcome on this website belonged to you all ,

you may put your opinion ,about any certain point you wish to .

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so i hope you may like and also have got an idea to Use Another company’s subdomain as custom domain


how to create a website free of cost a professional website

Are you looking to create a Website free of cost,

This article will help you can create a stupendous powerful website using a subdomain,

here you are not provided to buy any domain or hosting and so on,

you can create a website in just two clicks,

Here we will not create Google Blogspot website, but we will create a WordPress website instead

must read this –here plugin

how to create a website free of cost

First of all visit on a free and paid hosting provider, visit now,

Make sure we going to create a free website, so not required to buy any domain,

Note – This powerful website may be suitable only for a beginner, I would not recommend to chose,

This free website, if the business is at a high level, but at a certain level it’s really good to choose,

Step (1) First visit this site here And create an account there,

Step(2) after an account is created, come at the dashboard, so click on, + new account,

how to create a website free of cost,create wordpress website, website, make a free website,
create a free website

Step(3) using to create a hosting account, so enter your website sub-domain name like,

You get then two types of Subdomain



After this process, you have to prove yourself, that you are not a robot, fill that and create an account,

Now more than half of the process of creating a website has been completed,

Step(3) Go to the client area, where you see your account details with epiz .com ,

Take your cursor on the created account,

Website for

Step(4) you can see then c-panel,

Within c-panel, many options are given, such as file manager, account settings, and so on,

Step(5) on the Vista panel dashboard, you find many options, such as preferences files, database, domains, email metrics, security, and software,

You have to find softaculous apps installer ,you already find that, click on that ,

how to create a website free of cost,create wordpress website, website, make a free website,
create a free website

Step(6) consider on what type of website ,d o you look for ,

Here is the Website list ,t hat you can create free of cost ,


•Abante cart,













These all are the catagory of website ,which you can create ,

Step(7) I would recommend you to chose WordPress, so click on install,

how to create a website free of cost,create wordpress website, website, make a free website,
create a free website

And fill some details about your website, and click on final installation, it may take some more second to create a successful website,

Now you may enjoy your website,


a free website can let your business running on; creating a free website may be good; you can buy your domain for your website later

if you come across high traffic on your Website,

Many of the free hosting and website provider company start using to make bother as they notice that website getting high traffic,

In order to compel the user to buy own hosting and domain; they often do,

which website we have chosen here is really trustworthy; you can feel free to use it’s a website;

as I have been using a subdomain website for one year without any distraction,

Even the traffic on my website is probably 10k per month,

friends best of luck,

Wish you all the best,