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how to add h1 tag in blogger h1 tag checker

hello friend in this content, we will see how to solve if the H1 title tag in blogger is missing,

and your page contain h3 tag instead of h1

Do you have ever chacked ?the heading you write for your blog post,lies in the H1 tag ?,

If you haven’t checked ever; check that now, may be heading for your written blog post lies in the H3 tag, instead H1 tag,

So we will know  to change H3 tag to H1 tag in Blogger ,

how to add h1 tag in blogger

We must check this, in fact, most of the blogger post have the same problem; which causes not to rank on Search engine,

H1 tag more important, which help your blog post to rank,

therefore with the purpose of SEO, h1 tag in blogger is really important to take a look at it


Search engine show you the list of that blog post ; which has h1tag ,not will show you directly if your post contain H3 tag instead H1 tag ,

Require to change this ,if you really want to have traffic on your website ,

As blogger post concerned is easy to use rather than Joomla website ,or other websites,

But we notice that our written post on our blog website; never come at 1 page or 2nd page on the search engine,

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credited this h1 tag generator

This happened due to this major problems ,

On the other hand , WordPress website allow us to customise ,the way we want ,

It has broad aspects of customising ,

Rather than blogger has only limited aspects ,

We can’t do extra more ,we want to have in your blogger website ,

Confined to use more attributes to our Blogger website ,

In fact, I didn’t know this Blogger website has this mess, all I knew was to write the post the more can write,

Check weather your blogger website contain H1 tag or not ?

To check this, take your cursor on your written heading title, click on the right bottom of  your mouse, and ,

take your cursor on inspect, you can come to know whether your blog website contains or not,

2nd method to check that ,you have to click on your page’s html ,

You see two options , compose and html ,click on html ,and press ctrl f ,search H1 tag ,If you find H1 tag ,it’s good ,if not then have to fix this issue,

Only then your post can rank immediately,

Do you know it demotivated me, to do blogging, in fact, after writing approximately fifteen pages, didn’t get traffic; at all, only 20 or 100 par days, but as I came across this issue,

I found that this is what made my efforts in vain ,

After solving this issue I get more than three hundred traffic views per days ,

Changing H3 tag to H1 tag ,

To set it up ,login your blogger account with associated ,Google account ,now you can solve this issue with two ways

the first method to solve this issue is , go to the theme area , and click on edit HTML,

how to add h1 tag in blogger,h1 title tag missing,h1 tag checker,change h3 to h1 tag,h1 tag seo, seo h1 tag,h1 tag extractor,
changing h3 title tag to h1 title

Press ctrl f , and,  first search <H1:class  ,if you find this ,you are okay ,if not ,

Then again search <H3: class , if you find this ,change this immediately,

Do H1 at the place of H3 ,

Now you have solved your issue ,

2nd method to do solve

how to add h1 tag in blogger,h1 title tag missing,h1 tag checker,

go to your written post, click on edit of your written page; edit in HTML mode, and again press ctrl f, search H1 tag; if contain H1 tag, will show you, if not show, then, search H3, do H1 at the place of H3,

changing subheading to heading

this is What you have to do with every writen post ,

Remember, once you do this process, when you click on your heading attributes within edit post; heading may show you normal attributes, instead heading attributes, but that would have already been H1,

In fact, doing this can enhance the chances to be ranking your post on the search engine,

On more thing, you need to change with after complete this process of h1tag,

Once everything is completed ,need to open website ,and have to click ctrl-u ,this will show you ,every single information about your site ,

You may detect ,if meta description is maintioned in it or not ,

If not you can open any website which is ranking on search engine ,and click ctrl-u ,

You will see the information about that website ,you can compare your website with that website ,and can get to see ,if everything is right ,

So friend this is how you can change H3 tag to H1 tag ,

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