data processing

data processing in computer

In this tutorial, we will know what is data processing in the computer;

 you are concerned and looking for data processing concepts in the computer, this website welcome to know further about this topic,

 this website welcome to know further about this topic,

we often talk about in data processing concepts which contains some of the aspects such as

data, data processing, and information

Data: what does it mean to say Data? so the answer is, any collection of raw hand figures facts,

data is as the open material of information .it may be numerical, employee number,

so on, or non- numerical like any products name, any person name and so on,

Data processing

as we know that data is in its raw form it can’t solve any problem, the data needs some processing,

to make it useful, data processing is the conversion of data into a more useful form,

that is, the transmission of data into meaningful information is to call data processing,

the information represents that is obtained by data processing,

 this is to say information just because the data is processed; however, the information we collect from one data processing step;

may be used as data in the next data processing step,

data processing,
data processing

Data processing Cycle

data processing is to view as a system that accepts data as input, processes it into information as output.

this is to explain with the help of there are many data types,

Qualitative data –

qualitative data always denotes the characteristics of thing such as average, fair, etc ,

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Quantitative data;

 it is expressed in terms of measurable qualities such as 15 kg, 30 kg, 35-degree celsius, and so on,

just keep in mind that we can measure and count,

Numerical types 

numerical types is to say which contain + – */; it may be an integer without any fractionals part or real number, including integers and fractions,

Floating point representation ;

it is a type of data which consists of three component respectively

first is Mantissa, 2nd is Radix or base 3rd is Exponent

the type of data includes alphabetic data and alphanumeric data,

Steps in the data processing

data processing primarily work on some of the aspects such as

identifying the data

input of data

manipulation of data

output of data

information storage

this processing is to use as a managerial aid in decision-making for solving business problems, it is also very useful in the areas of linear programming, Pert, CPM, etc

we see computer is everywhere, not only the business organization, the other institutions

are also using a data processing system for their regular use.

we can not think about a situation without a computer, Robotics and Artificial intelligence

are the two promising ares of application,

Data processing operations

how to do the operations, the data after some processing is to transform into information,

which is to organize and give it to the meaningful, it includes the following operations

Data generation; data generation often involves the operation of collecting the original data

it implies that the open data are collected and set out in the form of an original document,

such kind of document, we often say a source document,