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Top 5 WordPress plugin which is best WordPress plugin

do you look for some top WordPress plugin, this tutorial can get you to know these top 5 WordPress plugin,

top five wordpress plugin

on the practically used plugin, so far, on these plugins that have owned my expectations, and have found some of the best plugins, for your WordPress website, it’s not only, make your website splendid, but, also has some of the best work function,so read furthur to have some ideas about these all top 5 wordpress plugin

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credited this WordPress plugin

(1) Smush Image compression and optimization plugin

In fact, this is one of the best, image compression and optimization plugin,

well suited for your WordPress website,   we upload pictures on our WordPress content,   to make written content looking good, and, attractive as well,

But sometimes come across a condition that, written content over there become worded, due to uploading the image? yes certainly,

it happened many times,

If you folk also come across with such conditions, then this plugin is best for you, you may upload your image the way you want ,

Let’s know the specialty of this wordpress plugin

✓it can be resized,



✓it detects if image contain wrongly size,

And so on,

On this best image smasher, this plugin had let plugin creator to win the awards, because, it has the overall stupendous activity of this plugin,

•keep fast processing upload pic,

•reduce the file storage to make website running smooth,

•it has capabilities to store all types of pictures file such as PNG files, jpeg files, and gif files ,

We might notice that our WordPress is not able to upload, that  pic contain ……..files ,

You might get the error notification while trying to upload such a picture,

but now you may get rid of that error notification, and, can successfully upload any featured of the picture,

It has capabilities to optimise approximately fifty two images at one click, get this plugin here

On the rating basis of this plugin has got five ***** in user’s satisfaction,

(2) WordPress social plugin –

WordPress social plugin is all about to show you, how much of your post is shared on social media sites, 

in fact, this plugin provides you to show a dashboard where you can count the number of your shared post,

Problem is – we try to share our post on social media site to make our page ranking, but really unaware about, if those shared post really getting well or not,

so use this plugin, and, see how your content doing well, how much of people really getting engaged, with that, if you are curious to let it be, so my recommendation is to get in touch with this plugin,

It reveals the crawled rate of your content page, it contains some of the social sites such as Facebook, 

Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, and much more you expect to have is available, packed with overall best experience, practically seeing that, get this plugin now

Shield security plugin

This plugin is all about , how you can keep your WordPress website safe,

In fact, shield security just powerful security,

which allows one doesn’t need to be hard,

As it revealed, some of the security plugins are really convoluted, or, estoric security plugin,

But shield security is also one of them, the best security plugin, which protect your WordPress overall,

This security continue protecting at every moment, therefore no need to worry about it all,

Some security plugin says, we will protect your website, but shield says directly protecting your website,

One more thing can make you unease with this plugin, do not provide you timely protection notification of securation,

However it says not to worry, it provides real-time notification,

 This is some specifications of this plugin, you may see now,

•Detecting malicious or unusual file and prevent from that,

• Containing re-captcha,

• Firewall,

• Admin security,

• Automatically update,

The final conclusion to say about this plugin work like a pro, with email support providation ,

Also, hack detection scanner available, and this process happens at every one-hour but in case of vulnerability, immediately alert, and ready to protect, get this plugin now

Ad inserter plugin

This plugin helps you to customize the Google ads,

The way you want,

It has the various setting, that can help you to understand practically,

You may able to use ads,

One most important specification is that ad inserter allows allow you to paste ads code between the written post and pages ,

Which make your website looking good ,as well as also instigate the audience to click on ads ,

If you look for such kind of fecility to your website ,install this plugin ,and enjoy , get this now

Email Subscribers and Newsletter plugin

This plugin help you to add subscription form  on the website, once this plugin activated, it always able to notifify you at real notification of subscription,

In fact, it instigate the audience to subscribe your blog or website, as visitor come across subscribe, you get subscriber and increase the chances of having more traffic on your Website ,

In fact, I had installed this plugin last week, and have got more than 20 subscriber so far ,

It might increase the chances to have traffic on my website ,

It send a notification to the already visitor, as you upload any content on your website ,

It means it works like how subscription on youtube work ,

They immediately get notifications if they already subcribed to any channel, this is how the email subscriptions and newsletter work, get this plugin

So I hope you may like these all best top 5 WordPress plugin, go and download,

Note- this website only provide ideas on what to do how , if you really find yourself helped on this blog, you can subscribe to my blog,

Thanks for visit ,

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