how to unzip files in android and window pc

if really confined to how do we unzip files in android or window pc; this blog post will help you to extract files in the easiest way; we need to extract any files when if come across such a condition; like downloading any software in our pc; first need to extract files, such type of condition let us use this method ,

How to unzip files

To unzip any files is really so easy to do, but it may really difficult for whom come across for the first time to extract any files; but don’t worry, you have to know how to unzip any rar files,

To unzip files, take your mouse cursor on that zip file, which you have downloaded from somewhere,

After then, click on right button of either your mouse /laptop touchscreen button,

You see these options respectively,

◆ extract files

◆extract here,

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unzip files

You have to click on extract files, so that you may get an option to extract zip files, wherever you want to,

Choose any folder, where you want to extract that rar files, and then click on Ok,

Now your zip files successfully have been done unzip,

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How you unzip any files in your Android phone –

You know that Android phone can’t open any RAR files, at first, Because the Android phone is not ready already, you have to make your Android phone ready to open those RAR files, so, to do that,

need to download an application, click here to download,

Search zip files extractor on the Google play store and download that application,

As well also download es file explorer on your android if your device doesn’t contain any file manager, 

this file manager make your device to open any file.;with very ease, otherwise leave that;if the android device contains file manager,

Now open that zip file extractor app ,search that zip files from your device’s folder ,

how to unzip files,extract files, unzip files in android device ,unzip file in window ,
unzip file

Click √ on that zip files ,and then go to above you see a upward directon arrow ,click on that and choose that folder ,where you want to extract that files,and retain all other setting default ,and click on ,okay ,

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You have successfully extracted that files ,

Thanks for visit ,