how to unzip files in android and window pc

if really confined to how do we unzip files in android or window pc; this blog post will help you to extract files in the easiest way; we need to extract any files when if come across such a condition; like downloading any software in our pc; first need to extract files, such type of condition let us use this method ,

How to unzip files

To unzip any files is really so easy to do, but it may really difficult for whom come across for the first time to extract any files; but don’t worry, you have to know how to unzip any rar files,

To unzip files, take your mouse cursor on that zip file, which you have downloaded from somewhere,

After then, click on right button of either your mouse /laptop touchscreen button,

You see these options respectively,

◆ extract files

◆extract here,

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unzip files

You have to click on extract files, so that you may get an option to extract zip files, wherever you want to,

Choose any folder, where you want to extract that rar files, and then click on Ok,

Now your zip files successfully have been done unzip,

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How you unzip any files in your Android phone –

You know that Android phone can’t open any RAR files, at first, Because the Android phone is not ready already, you have to make your Android phone ready to open those RAR files, so, to do that,

need to download an application, click here to download,

Search zip files extractor on the Google play store and download that application,

As well also download es file explorer on your android if your device doesn’t contain any file manager, 

this file manager make your device to open any file.;with very ease, otherwise leave that;if the android device contains file manager,

Now open that zip file extractor app ,search that zip files from your device’s folder ,

how to unzip files,extract files, unzip files in android device ,unzip file in window ,
unzip file

Click √ on that zip files ,and then go to above you see a upward directon arrow ,click on that and choose that folder ,where you want to extract that files,and retain all other setting default ,and click on ,okay ,

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You have successfully extracted that files ,

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Android delete file from internal storage programmatically

Android delete file

Do you ever delete android files, from your android files manager,?

Do you clear all your Android device folder?

If yes, avoid that to do. Clearing or deleting android device folder can cause a device running slow,

It clears all those necessary backup and files, while it cleared,

Why you should avoid android files to delete?

Expected that it clear all the data ,which was back up earlier ,

Thus ,it impact on the performance ,of your device ,

Let’s know ,how much of files ,often cleared with that ,such as ,

It clear all android chrome files ,which was download,

◆ gallery 3d ,

◆ providers media,

◆ndroid vending ,

◆google .Android apps docs,

◆android google quick search ,

◆Gogle android media

◆Google android videos ,

◆gogle android youtube ,

Application data ,

It clear all those external ,which currently staying on your device ,

It also delete that media files ,which is of any importance ,

Such as song ,video edited pic ,and all those above mentioned files ,

Which get result of unsupported files ,

When you should delete your android files ?

When you seem that your device getting something fault ,like ,hiccup ,storage problem,

I may hardly recommend you to do that ,

Note- after all it happened ,in my device ,then suggest you,

If you unaware ,you can know now ,

In fact ,when I did that ,my device become fast , but after some more time ,it started making me unease ,

Therefore I thought to put this information ,so that you may escape from this ,

How to set backup password in android device

Friends if you happen to lose your Android password of any folder, or files,

You may back up that password very easily ,may be probably aware from this setting ,in your device contain this setting within developer options ,

and can backup all your desktop password ,with one click ,

To take backup your all password ,first enable android developer mode options ,go to desktop backup password ,click on desktop backup password ,and type your current ,full backup password,

Or type a new password for full back up password ,

Once again ,retype new full backup password there ,get all backup password ,

Setting >developer options >desktop backup password >set backup password ,

Know how to enable Android developer option mode –

To enable this setting, go to settings, click on the software version of your device, and then double or triple click on software version, your developer mode automatically will enable,


android gpu

Within android developer mode, you can enable profile GPU rendering to check, that will show on screen as bars, that with show you the systrace (graphics mode )

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android device manager website google

android device manager website google

Android device manager manages overall settings, it’s a security feature, which assists you to control your device,

if need, remotely lock or wipe, your humanoid device’s knowledge or data,

if you happen to lose or it gets to steal, Device Manager works to protect your Android device. All you need to do is connect the device with your Google account.

performance and all the work function, which is external applications,
stand on it, work smoothly, because of this manager, it is not that ,

one has to enable it.with a click on setting .this comes with every android devices .if devices create problems to run smoothly,

  many of installed applications on a device does not work well.

then need to install an external device manager. to make a device running fast without a hiccup,

Most of the android devices start creating a problem .of hanging, become unable to run smoothly ,sometimes devices closed,

due to the hanging problem ., it all depends on what features of android device management is installed.

android device manager

after a device features. like .a ram. storage etc, we see, if seeing that higher ram, higher storage,

make the devices running faster. but at a certain point,

the android device manager’s role is also very important. It is like a pillar. on which a bridge stand, the same way device manager work as ,

if it likely damaged .a device might stop working properly. it wallop the device’s work function,

every android devices contain their own company’s device manager /administration,

which every time continue working,Work function of this manager is.just like the security application s work .

so an external device manager can be installed in a device as well.

MCAFEE Antivirus,

Kasperky mobile Antivirus,

 This software not only protects your device from unusual activity but also make your device running faster,

This is available free of cost, you may download this software from here …..

This is one of the best security software; for your android devices. due to this good performance. it has won award-winning security,

Avg antivirus free for Android security 2019 work as Android device manager ?

Splendid work of this software. protect the devices .and keep from harming any more. as well as make devices running faster.

it boosts ram.clean junk. scan wifi. and VPN may open any kind of website with this protection,

And also provides the anti-theft feature, it can Be installed free of cost, to get this software click here Avast Antivirus security, app lock photo vault The world’s most trusted free antivirus app, which secures your phone,

it has also the same feature; as AUG antivirus has . to get this application click here –

.These two applications have VPN protection .which encrypts your connection on unsecured

Why Device manager Needed

As device manager is security; which protects your devices, it’s another name is find my device; which found within your device’s security setting, To check it -Settings >security>device administration>find my device,

In fact device administration clearly joined .with a device system which allows to maintain and control the hardware of devices; all those technical properties within a device maintained by Android device manager, it protects the device by every way

,it works as remote control, as we control our TV channel through the remote. without doing nothing to the TV channel, on the same way device manager work ,but surely it can be done with enabling the location, 
after doing android device manager download; do connect to your Google account. which is of your own account 

,after successfully connected with this, you may able to track the real location of your device,,

What to do is after device lost /stolen? how the android device manager help

If the device is to steal or lost. and confined to get back that device. then

Android device manager

do use device can connect your lost device; another device with doing log in; with the same account,you had created before the device was lost.

device manager supports multiple devices, it is not that it supports only one to only one device,

It has capabilities to full control over your stolen /lost device, no matter if the device is not on your hand, however, you can manage your device,

but remember location settings of your lost device should enable, only then it can work, only then that lost device can be tracked with the help of Google device manager,

if it is all done to your lost device, do log in with the same account I’d and password by another device, now you can track your device if the lost device is not locked up,

you can do lock with the help of android device manager; In fact once it done so,

a message may appear on the located device ‘s screen, it indicates to contact with that person,

What if lost android device unable to recover, what android device manager can do

If unfortunately come across such a condition; you feel that device can’t recovered,

do one thing, android device management provides an option to wipe /erase all the data from a device, by remotely,

Doing this can save you from being looted.

you might have kept important data in your device; but you never knew that it could be stolen or lost ,

thus it makes us bear the problem, but do not worry; device manager can help you, you can delete every data,

as well as also applications from your device, but it is that if everything is wiped out, it can not be recovered again,

Can I use my android device manager’s account of the lost device to a new device to track that lost device?

Of course, you can do, device administration allows you to do it, you can put your same account with the same password to track that device, this is what basically an important thing to have an android device manager, if you want to create an account of android device manager just visit here –

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