data processing

data processing in computer

In this tutorial, we will know what is data processing in the computer;

 you are concerned and looking for data processing concepts in the computer, this website welcome to know further about this topic,

 this website welcome to know further about this topic,

we often talk about in data processing concepts which contains some of the aspects such as

data, data processing, and information

Data: what does it mean to say Data? so the answer is, any collection of raw hand figures facts,

data is as the open material of information .it may be numerical, employee number,

so on, or non- numerical like any products name, any person name and so on,

Data processing

as we know that data is in its raw form it can’t solve any problem, the data needs some processing,

to make it useful, data processing is the conversion of data into a more useful form,

that is, the transmission of data into meaningful information is to call data processing,

the information represents that is obtained by data processing,

 this is to say information just because the data is processed; however, the information we collect from one data processing step;

may be used as data in the next data processing step,

data processing,
data processing

Data processing Cycle

data processing is to view as a system that accepts data as input, processes it into information as output.

this is to explain with the help of there are many data types,

Qualitative data –

qualitative data always denotes the characteristics of thing such as average, fair, etc ,

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Quantitative data;

 it is expressed in terms of measurable qualities such as 15 kg, 30 kg, 35-degree celsius, and so on,

just keep in mind that we can measure and count,

Numerical types 

numerical types is to say which contain + – */; it may be an integer without any fractionals part or real number, including integers and fractions,

Floating point representation ;

it is a type of data which consists of three component respectively

first is Mantissa, 2nd is Radix or base 3rd is Exponent

the type of data includes alphabetic data and alphanumeric data,

Steps in the data processing

data processing primarily work on some of the aspects such as

identifying the data

input of data

manipulation of data

output of data

information storage

this processing is to use as a managerial aid in decision-making for solving business problems, it is also very useful in the areas of linear programming, Pert, CPM, etc

we see computer is everywhere, not only the business organization, the other institutions

are also using a data processing system for their regular use.

we can not think about a situation without a computer, Robotics and Artificial intelligence

are the two promising ares of application,

Data processing operations

how to do the operations, the data after some processing is to transform into information,

which is to organize and give it to the meaningful, it includes the following operations

Data generation; data generation often involves the operation of collecting the original data

it implies that the open data are collected and set out in the form of an original document,

such kind of document, we often say a source document,


how to enhance the sound quality in android

do you want to enhance the sound quality of your Android device? , you have come to the right place, you will know how you can enhance the sound quality of your device,

well most of us using a branded phone but that branded android has not the sound quality good ,

as has been reduced the sound quality was earlier at the time of when you bought your phone ,

do not worry now, I have brought some best tips to enhance the sound quality in android,

Until our phone device is in good and new condition; the sound quality of our device is really better, decent to listen,

but with the time duration, sound quality of your device also act the same ,

tips to enhance the sound quality in android

You already know the ideas which can enhance the sound quality of your device

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Use Another company’s subdomain as custom domain

hello folk ,let you know about the some very interesting thing to Use Another company’s subdomain as custom domain

,related how you can use Another company’s subdomain as custom domain,

definitely thinkable matter is to use free subdomain as a custom on Google blogger ?.

surely it is ,require to apply some major changes in that subdomain account ,

before you apply it on Google blogger to work .keep this changes in your mind to do at the time of submission ,

Using a subdomain of another company on Google blogger,subdomain,domain,

Using subdomain of another company on Google blogger ,

Now must know that Google blogger has owned subdomain . is ,

But BLOGSPOT.COM always work as subdomain on Google blogger .if really intend to have a free blogspot website ,

it is good .but some of the things we often dislike ,when matter comes to make money instantly ,

making instant money through free subdomain blogspot website depends on the location and how much we write content on that keep matter ?.

yes definitely it is, on the other hand.we apply a powerful custom domain to get adsense approval early .

in fact, I got first Adsense approval, after when took a custom domain and wrote approximately fifteen of the post,

tried to retain free subdomain .but no longer remained that, because was in haste to get Adsense approval somehow .

that’s all ,

come on matter is to make you clear that .you have ever used the subdomains of other company like-

go daddy ,


yahoo small business.

dns park

you may use as a custom domain on Google blogger. but make sure to make some changes such as –

make a valid fall-back subdomain .

formulated an idea that subdomain is acceptable if that sub-domain is valid fallback sub-domain .

then we can make sub-domain – domain only .with a longer validity,

What is Valid fallback sub-domain ? company’s subdomain as custom domain

Valid subdomain is just a type of subdomain .which is no longer different than subdomain often .

we might aware from c-name is very close with domain . which specify a missing file host .

subdomain to domain ,domain ,subdomain .

to make a valid fallback sub domain .requirement of cname is ,we need to create a cname record first for your custom domain .

How to create a C-name record for your domain

remember these process will apply .if your domain associate with a company other than blogger.

as we know that .cname a canonical name which is an entry within the domain name system ,

that specify where someone may find your web pages, here have to use the

visit for more information about c- name

friends i do not have sub-domain of those above mentioned company ,

so that i could show you live proof , but the information ,

you get is really helpful ,thank you

apart from above information if you find any difficulty feel free to comment ,

thanks for visit my site .

friends you all are always welcome on this website belonged to you all ,

you may put your opinion ,about any certain point you wish to .

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how to add h1 tag

top 5 best wordpress plugin

top 5 best wordpress plugin

how to unzip file

so i hope you may like and also have got an idea to Use Another company’s subdomain as custom domain

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how to add h1 tag in blogger h1 tag checker

hello friend in this content, we will see how to solve if the H1 title tag in blogger is missing,

and your page contain h3 tag instead of h1

Do you have ever chacked ?the heading you write for your blog post,lies in the H1 tag ?,

If you haven’t checked ever; check that now, may be heading for your written blog post lies in the H3 tag, instead H1 tag,

So we will know  to change H3 tag to H1 tag in Blogger ,

how to add h1 tag in blogger

We must check this, in fact, most of the blogger post have the same problem; which causes not to rank on Search engine,

H1 tag more important, which help your blog post to rank,

therefore with the purpose of SEO, h1 tag in blogger is really important to take a look at it


Search engine show you the list of that blog post ; which has h1tag ,not will show you directly if your post contain H3 tag instead H1 tag ,

Require to change this ,if you really want to have traffic on your website ,

As blogger post concerned is easy to use rather than Joomla website ,or other websites,

But we notice that our written post on our blog website; never come at 1 page or 2nd page on the search engine,

how to add h1 tag in blogger,h1 title tag missing,h1 tag checker,change h3 to h1 tag,h1 tag seo, seo h1 tag,h1 tag extractor,
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This happened due to this major problems ,

On the other hand , WordPress website allow us to customise ,the way we want ,

It has broad aspects of customising ,

Rather than blogger has only limited aspects ,

We can’t do extra more ,we want to have in your blogger website ,

Confined to use more attributes to our Blogger website ,

In fact, I didn’t know this Blogger website has this mess, all I knew was to write the post the more can write,

Check weather your blogger website contain H1 tag or not ?

To check this, take your cursor on your written heading title, click on the right bottom of  your mouse, and ,

take your cursor on inspect, you can come to know whether your blog website contains or not,

2nd method to check that ,you have to click on your page’s html ,

You see two options , compose and html ,click on html ,and press ctrl f ,search H1 tag ,If you find H1 tag ,it’s good ,if not then have to fix this issue,

Only then your post can rank immediately,

Do you know it demotivated me, to do blogging, in fact, after writing approximately fifteen pages, didn’t get traffic; at all, only 20 or 100 par days, but as I came across this issue,

I found that this is what made my efforts in vain ,

After solving this issue I get more than three hundred traffic views per days ,

Changing H3 tag to H1 tag ,

To set it up ,login your blogger account with associated ,Google account ,now you can solve this issue with two ways

the first method to solve this issue is , go to the theme area , and click on edit HTML,

how to add h1 tag in blogger,h1 title tag missing,h1 tag checker,change h3 to h1 tag,h1 tag seo, seo h1 tag,h1 tag extractor,
changing h3 title tag to h1 title

Press ctrl f , and,  first search <H1:class  ,if you find this ,you are okay ,if not ,

Then again search <H3: class , if you find this ,change this immediately,

Do H1 at the place of H3 ,

Now you have solved your issue ,

2nd method to do solve

how to add h1 tag in blogger,h1 title tag missing,h1 tag checker,

go to your written post, click on edit of your written page; edit in HTML mode, and again press ctrl f, search H1 tag; if contain H1 tag, will show you, if not show, then, search H3, do H1 at the place of H3,

changing subheading to heading

this is What you have to do with every writen post ,

Remember, once you do this process, when you click on your heading attributes within edit post; heading may show you normal attributes, instead heading attributes, but that would have already been H1,

In fact, doing this can enhance the chances to be ranking your post on the search engine,

On more thing, you need to change with after complete this process of h1tag,

Once everything is completed ,need to open website ,and have to click ctrl-u ,this will show you ,every single information about your site ,

You may detect ,if meta description is maintioned in it or not ,

If not you can open any website which is ranking on search engine ,and click ctrl-u ,

You will see the information about that website ,you can compare your website with that website ,and can get to see ,if everything is right ,

So friend this is how you can change H3 tag to H1 tag ,

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how to create a website free of cost a professional website

Are you looking to create a Website free of cost,

This article will help you can create a stupendous powerful website using a subdomain,

here you are not provided to buy any domain or hosting and so on,

you can create a website in just two clicks,

Here we will not create Google Blogspot website, but we will create a WordPress website instead

must read this –here plugin

how to create a website free of cost

First of all visit on a free and paid hosting provider, visit now,

Make sure we going to create a free website, so not required to buy any domain,

Note – This powerful website may be suitable only for a beginner, I would not recommend to chose,

This free website, if the business is at a high level, but at a certain level it’s really good to choose,

Step (1) First visit this site here And create an account there,

Step(2) after an account is created, come at the dashboard, so click on, + new account,

how to create a website free of cost,create wordpress website, website, make a free website,
create a free website

Step(3) using to create a hosting account, so enter your website sub-domain name like,

You get then two types of Subdomain



After this process, you have to prove yourself, that you are not a robot, fill that and create an account,

Now more than half of the process of creating a website has been completed,

Step(3) Go to the client area, where you see your account details with epiz .com ,

Take your cursor on the created account,

Website for

Step(4) you can see then c-panel,

Within c-panel, many options are given, such as file manager, account settings, and so on,

Step(5) on the Vista panel dashboard, you find many options, such as preferences files, database, domains, email metrics, security, and software,

You have to find softaculous apps installer ,you already find that, click on that ,

how to create a website free of cost,create wordpress website, website, make a free website,
create a free website

Step(6) consider on what type of website ,d o you look for ,

Here is the Website list ,t hat you can create free of cost ,


•Abante cart,













These all are the catagory of website ,which you can create ,

Step(7) I would recommend you to chose WordPress, so click on install,

how to create a website free of cost,create wordpress website, website, make a free website,
create a free website

And fill some details about your website, and click on final installation, it may take some more second to create a successful website,

Now you may enjoy your website,


a free website can let your business running on; creating a free website may be good; you can buy your domain for your website later

if you come across high traffic on your Website,

Many of the free hosting and website provider company start using to make bother as they notice that website getting high traffic,

In order to compel the user to buy own hosting and domain; they often do,

which website we have chosen here is really trustworthy; you can feel free to use it’s a website;

as I have been using a subdomain website for one year without any distraction,

Even the traffic on my website is probably 10k per month,

friends best of luck,

Wish you all the best,


how to unzip files in android and window pc

if really confined to how do we unzip files in android or window pc; this blog post will help you to extract files in the easiest way; we need to extract any files when if come across such a condition; like downloading any software in our pc; first need to extract files, such type of condition let us use this method ,

How to unzip files

To unzip any files is really so easy to do, but it may really difficult for whom come across for the first time to extract any files; but don’t worry, you have to know how to unzip any rar files,

To unzip files, take your mouse cursor on that zip file, which you have downloaded from somewhere,

After then, click on right button of either your mouse /laptop touchscreen button,

You see these options respectively,

◆ extract files

◆extract here,

how to unzip files,extract files, unzip files in android device ,unzip file in window ,
unzip files

You have to click on extract files, so that you may get an option to extract zip files, wherever you want to,

Choose any folder, where you want to extract that rar files, and then click on Ok,

Now your zip files successfully have been done unzip,

If interested to have an idea – android delete files ?h

How you unzip any files in your Android phone –

You know that Android phone can’t open any RAR files, at first, Because the Android phone is not ready already, you have to make your Android phone ready to open those RAR files, so, to do that,

need to download an application, click here to download,

Search zip files extractor on the Google play store and download that application,

As well also download es file explorer on your android if your device doesn’t contain any file manager, 

this file manager make your device to open any file.;with very ease, otherwise leave that;if the android device contains file manager,

Now open that zip file extractor app ,search that zip files from your device’s folder ,

how to unzip files,extract files, unzip files in android device ,unzip file in window ,
unzip file

Click √ on that zip files ,and then go to above you see a upward directon arrow ,click on that and choose that folder ,where you want to extract that files,and retain all other setting default ,and click on ,okay ,

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You have successfully extracted that files ,

Thanks for visit ,

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Top 5 WordPress plugin which is best WordPress plugin

do you look for some top WordPress plugin, this tutorial can get you to know these top 5 WordPress plugin,

top five wordpress plugin

on the practically used plugin, so far, on these plugins that have owned my expectations, and have found some of the best plugins, for your WordPress website, it’s not only, make your website splendid, but, also has some of the best work function,so read furthur to have some ideas about these all top 5 wordpress plugin

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Top 5 WordPress plugin,best WordPress plugin ,best WordPress plugin 2019,
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(1) Smush Image compression and optimization plugin

In fact, this is one of the best, image compression and optimization plugin,

well suited for your WordPress website,   we upload pictures on our WordPress content,   to make written content looking good, and, attractive as well,

But sometimes come across a condition that, written content over there become worded, due to uploading the image? yes certainly,

it happened many times,

If you folk also come across with such conditions, then this plugin is best for you, you may upload your image the way you want ,

Let’s know the specialty of this wordpress plugin

✓it can be resized,



✓it detects if image contain wrongly size,

And so on,

On this best image smasher, this plugin had let plugin creator to win the awards, because, it has the overall stupendous activity of this plugin,

•keep fast processing upload pic,

•reduce the file storage to make website running smooth,

•it has capabilities to store all types of pictures file such as PNG files, jpeg files, and gif files ,

We might notice that our WordPress is not able to upload, that  pic contain ……..files ,

You might get the error notification while trying to upload such a picture,

but now you may get rid of that error notification, and, can successfully upload any featured of the picture,

It has capabilities to optimise approximately fifty two images at one click, get this plugin here

On the rating basis of this plugin has got five ***** in user’s satisfaction,

(2) WordPress social plugin –

WordPress social plugin is all about to show you, how much of your post is shared on social media sites, 

in fact, this plugin provides you to show a dashboard where you can count the number of your shared post,

Problem is – we try to share our post on social media site to make our page ranking, but really unaware about, if those shared post really getting well or not,

so use this plugin, and, see how your content doing well, how much of people really getting engaged, with that, if you are curious to let it be, so my recommendation is to get in touch with this plugin,

It reveals the crawled rate of your content page, it contains some of the social sites such as Facebook, 

Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, and much more you expect to have is available, packed with overall best experience, practically seeing that, get this plugin now

Shield security plugin

This plugin is all about , how you can keep your WordPress website safe,

In fact, shield security just powerful security,

which allows one doesn’t need to be hard,

As it revealed, some of the security plugins are really convoluted, or, estoric security plugin,

But shield security is also one of them, the best security plugin, which protect your WordPress overall,

This security continue protecting at every moment, therefore no need to worry about it all,

Some security plugin says, we will protect your website, but shield says directly protecting your website,

One more thing can make you unease with this plugin, do not provide you timely protection notification of securation,

However it says not to worry, it provides real-time notification,

 This is some specifications of this plugin, you may see now,

•Detecting malicious or unusual file and prevent from that,

• Containing re-captcha,

• Firewall,

• Admin security,

• Automatically update,

The final conclusion to say about this plugin work like a pro, with email support providation ,

Also, hack detection scanner available, and this process happens at every one-hour but in case of vulnerability, immediately alert, and ready to protect, get this plugin now

Ad inserter plugin

This plugin helps you to customize the Google ads,

The way you want,

It has the various setting, that can help you to understand practically,

You may able to use ads,

One most important specification is that ad inserter allows allow you to paste ads code between the written post and pages ,

Which make your website looking good ,as well as also instigate the audience to click on ads ,

If you look for such kind of fecility to your website ,install this plugin ,and enjoy , get this now

Email Subscribers and Newsletter plugin

This plugin help you to add subscription form  on the website, once this plugin activated, it always able to notifify you at real notification of subscription,

In fact, it instigate the audience to subscribe your blog or website, as visitor come across subscribe, you get subscriber and increase the chances of having more traffic on your Website ,

In fact, I had installed this plugin last week, and have got more than 20 subscriber so far ,

It might increase the chances to have traffic on my website ,

It send a notification to the already visitor, as you upload any content on your website ,

It means it works like how subscription on youtube work ,

They immediately get notifications if they already subcribed to any channel, this is how the email subscriptions and newsletter work, get this plugin

So I hope you may like these all best top 5 WordPress plugin, go and download,

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Know about android delete files


Android delete file from internal storage programmatically

Android delete file

Do you ever delete android files, from your android files manager,?

Do you clear all your Android device folder?

If yes, avoid that to do. Clearing or deleting android device folder can cause a device running slow,

It clears all those necessary backup and files, while it cleared,

Why you should avoid android files to delete?

Expected that it clear all the data ,which was back up earlier ,

Thus ,it impact on the performance ,of your device ,

Let’s know ,how much of files ,often cleared with that ,such as ,

It clear all android chrome files ,which was download,

◆ gallery 3d ,

◆ providers media,

◆ndroid vending ,

◆google .Android apps docs,

◆android google quick search ,

◆Gogle android media

◆Google android videos ,

◆gogle android youtube ,

Application data ,

It clear all those external ,which currently staying on your device ,

It also delete that media files ,which is of any importance ,

Such as song ,video edited pic ,and all those above mentioned files ,

Which get result of unsupported files ,

When you should delete your android files ?

When you seem that your device getting something fault ,like ,hiccup ,storage problem,

I may hardly recommend you to do that ,

Note- after all it happened ,in my device ,then suggest you,

If you unaware ,you can know now ,

In fact ,when I did that ,my device become fast , but after some more time ,it started making me unease ,

Therefore I thought to put this information ,so that you may escape from this ,

How to set backup password in android device

Friends if you happen to lose your Android password of any folder, or files,

You may back up that password very easily ,may be probably aware from this setting ,in your device contain this setting within developer options ,

and can backup all your desktop password ,with one click ,

To take backup your all password ,first enable android developer mode options ,go to desktop backup password ,click on desktop backup password ,and type your current ,full backup password,

Or type a new password for full back up password ,

Once again ,retype new full backup password there ,get all backup password ,

Setting >developer options >desktop backup password >set backup password ,

Know how to enable Android developer option mode –

To enable this setting, go to settings, click on the software version of your device, and then double or triple click on software version, your developer mode automatically will enable,


android gpu

Within android developer mode, you can enable profile GPU rendering to check, that will show on screen as bars, that with show you the systrace (graphics mode )

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android device manager website google

android device manager website google

Android device manager manages overall settings, it’s a security feature, which assists you to control your device,

if need, remotely lock or wipe, your humanoid device’s knowledge or data,

if you happen to lose or it gets to steal, Device Manager works to protect your Android device. All you need to do is connect the device with your Google account.

performance and all the work function, which is external applications,
stand on it, work smoothly, because of this manager, it is not that ,

one has to enable it.with a click on setting .this comes with every android devices .if devices create problems to run smoothly,

  many of installed applications on a device does not work well.

then need to install an external device manager. to make a device running fast without a hiccup,

Most of the android devices start creating a problem .of hanging, become unable to run smoothly ,sometimes devices closed,

due to the hanging problem ., it all depends on what features of android device management is installed.

android device manager

after a device features. like .a ram. storage etc, we see, if seeing that higher ram, higher storage,

make the devices running faster. but at a certain point,

the android device manager’s role is also very important. It is like a pillar. on which a bridge stand, the same way device manager work as ,

if it likely damaged .a device might stop working properly. it wallop the device’s work function,

every android devices contain their own company’s device manager /administration,

which every time continue working,Work function of this manager is.just like the security application s work .

so an external device manager can be installed in a device as well.

MCAFEE Antivirus,

Kasperky mobile Antivirus,

 This software not only protects your device from unusual activity but also make your device running faster,

This is available free of cost, you may download this software from here …..

This is one of the best security software; for your android devices. due to this good performance. it has won award-winning security,

Avg antivirus free for Android security 2019 work as Android device manager ?

Splendid work of this software. protect the devices .and keep from harming any more. as well as make devices running faster.

it boosts ram.clean junk. scan wifi. and VPN may open any kind of website with this protection,

And also provides the anti-theft feature, it can Be installed free of cost, to get this software click here Avast Antivirus security, app lock photo vault The world’s most trusted free antivirus app, which secures your phone,

it has also the same feature; as AUG antivirus has . to get this application click here –

.These two applications have VPN protection .which encrypts your connection on unsecured

Why Device manager Needed

As device manager is security; which protects your devices, it’s another name is find my device; which found within your device’s security setting, To check it -Settings >security>device administration>find my device,

In fact device administration clearly joined .with a device system which allows to maintain and control the hardware of devices; all those technical properties within a device maintained by Android device manager, it protects the device by every way

,it works as remote control, as we control our TV channel through the remote. without doing nothing to the TV channel, on the same way device manager work ,but surely it can be done with enabling the location, 
after doing android device manager download; do connect to your Google account. which is of your own account 

,after successfully connected with this, you may able to track the real location of your device,,

What to do is after device lost /stolen? how the android device manager help

If the device is to steal or lost. and confined to get back that device. then

Android device manager

do use device can connect your lost device; another device with doing log in; with the same account,you had created before the device was lost.

device manager supports multiple devices, it is not that it supports only one to only one device,

It has capabilities to full control over your stolen /lost device, no matter if the device is not on your hand, however, you can manage your device,

but remember location settings of your lost device should enable, only then it can work, only then that lost device can be tracked with the help of Google device manager,

if it is all done to your lost device, do log in with the same account I’d and password by another device, now you can track your device if the lost device is not locked up,

you can do lock with the help of android device manager; In fact once it done so,

a message may appear on the located device ‘s screen, it indicates to contact with that person,

What if lost android device unable to recover, what android device manager can do

If unfortunately come across such a condition; you feel that device can’t recovered,

do one thing, android device management provides an option to wipe /erase all the data from a device, by remotely,

Doing this can save you from being looted.

you might have kept important data in your device; but you never knew that it could be stolen or lost ,

thus it makes us bear the problem, but do not worry; device manager can help you, you can delete every data,

as well as also applications from your device, but it is that if everything is wiped out, it can not be recovered again,

Can I use my android device manager’s account of the lost device to a new device to track that lost device?

Of course, you can do, device administration allows you to do it, you can put your same account with the same password to track that device, this is what basically an important thing to have an android device manager, if you want to create an account of android device manager just visit here –

visit another page-

how to create free blog website