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Android delete file from internal storage programmatically


Android delete file

Do you ever delete android files, from your android files manager,?

Do you clear all your Android device folder?

If yes, avoid that to do. Clearing or deleting android device folder can cause a device running slow,

It clears all those necessary backup and files, while it cleared,

Why you should avoid android files to delete?

Expected that it clear all the data ,which was back up earlier ,

Thus ,it impact on the performance ,of your device ,

Let’s know ,how much of files ,often cleared with that ,such as ,

It clear all android chrome files ,which was download,

◆ gallery 3d ,

◆ providers media,

◆ndroid vending ,

◆google .Android apps docs,

◆android google quick search ,

◆Gogle android media

◆Google android videos ,

◆gogle android youtube ,

Application data ,

It clear all those external ,which currently staying on your device ,

It also delete that media files ,which is of any importance ,

Such as song ,video edited pic ,and all those above mentioned files ,

Which get result of unsupported files ,

When you should delete your android files ?

When you seem that your device getting something fault ,like ,hiccup ,storage problem,

I may hardly recommend you to do that ,

Note- after all it happened ,in my device ,then suggest you,

If you unaware ,you can know now ,

In fact ,when I did that ,my device become fast , but after some more time ,it started making me unease ,

Therefore I thought to put this information ,so that you may escape from this ,

How to set backup password in android device

Friends if you happen to lose your Android password of any folder, or files,

You may back up that password very easily ,may be probably aware from this setting ,in your device contain this setting within developer options ,

and can backup all your desktop password ,with one click ,

To take backup your all password ,first enable android developer mode options ,go to desktop backup password ,click on desktop backup password ,and type your current ,full backup password,

Or type a new password for full back up password ,

Once again ,retype new full backup password there ,get all backup password ,

Setting >developer options >desktop backup password >set backup password ,

Know how to enable Android developer option mode –

To enable this setting, go to settings, click on the software version of your device, and then double or triple click on software version, your developer mode automatically will enable,


android gpu

Within android developer mode, you can enable profile GPU rendering to check, that will show on screen as bars, that with show you the systrace (graphics mode )

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